Edible Birdhouses

Bring nature to you! Birdhouses made of wood and covered in birdseed.

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Family’s Best Bonding Time

Watch birds of all kinds dining from your edible bird house. Best part is you can reseed it for future use. Plus, it does not attract squirrels since our Edible Birdhouse contain habanero peppers, thistle seeds and black oil sunflower seeds. All natural squirrel-deterrents.

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Fun To Reseed

When all of the seeds have been consumed by the birds, the fun begins!

Take Birdhouse Down

Once birds have eaten all the seeds, check that there are no birds or eggs inside, then bring your birdhouse in for re-seeding.

Add Peanut Butter

 (Or Elmer’s glue if allergic to nuts) to the outside of the house with a spatula, knife or hands.


Take your favourite seeds and spread them on the bird house. This is the most enjoyable part! It's entirely up to you how you want to design it.

Birds you’ll attract

Attracting your favourite birds has never been so easy! Edible Birdhouses include seeds to attract the following birds:

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