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Spring is coming

Buy your edible birdhouse today so that you can hang it for when the birds migrate home! Thank you Jim for sending the photo!

Beautiful pictures and cardinals

Holidays are full of so many beautiful colors and scenery.  One of the most beautiful natural for me is seeing a glorious red cardinal sitting on snowy pine branch in my birdhouse garden or pictures of birdhouses covered in snow in my backyard. Northern Cardinals (cardinalis, cardinalsis)  are very interestingRead More …

Birdhouse making for kids

Building bird feeders for kids  is a great family activity for you to do with your children and perfect as a holiday gift to share.  You can create great memories with this hands-on activity while giving back to nature. Birdfeeders are easy to make and they allow for great creativityRead More …

The Birdhouse Gift I received

Whether it’s a black and white chickadee against a snowy backdrop or a stunning cardinal dashing about in the trees,  birds are fascinating to watch and observe.  In the winter months I find I get taken away from the barren and snowy exterior surrounding me to a  world of colorRead More …

The Feeling of Watching a Bird House

Nothing seems as peaceful and tranquil as looking out your  window and seeing a beautiful bird  in your garden eating and staying warm in a beautiful birdhouse. Not only is the simplicity of the bird and its lifestyle relaxing but observing its movement in and out of a beautifully decoratedRead More …

How to reseed your bird feeder birdhouse

Looking for a project to do on a rainy day, reseeding your birdhouse can be a fun family project for parents and children to do together. What you will need: Hidden Creek Bird Seed or other bird seed. Hidden Creek  edible glue or Elmer’s non-toxic glue or creamy or chunkyRead More …

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