Holidays Are For The Birds (and Bird Lovers) !

This holiday season surprise the bird lovers in your life with a unique gift this year – an  Edible Birdhouse.  They will enjoy the gift of watching beautiful songbirds feed and nest in the birdhouse throughout the year.  And the birds will be happy too!

Schedule of Upcoming Holiday and Craft Fairs Where We Will Be Selling Our Birdhouses


Sept. 23-25 Southern Home and Garden Show, Raleigh, NC


Oct. 7-9 Oglebay Fest, Wheelin, VA


Oct. 8-9 Christmas in the Woods, Columbia, MD


Oct. 8-9 Colorfest, Thurman, MD


Oct. 10-16 Fort Belvior, Arlington,VA

Oct. 15-16 Chrismas in the Woods, Columbia, MD


Oct. 21-23 Sugarloaf Craft Show, Somerset, NJ


Oct. 28-29 Quota Christmas Show

Nov. 4-6 Sugarloaf Craft Show, Oaks, PA


Nov. 5-6 Sandy Spring High School Christmas Show


Nov. 10-13 Dickens Christmas Show and Festivities


Nov. 11-13 Events Management Christmas Show, Dulles, VA


Nov. 9, 20, 24 thru Dec. 24 Philadelphia Christmas Show, Philadelphia, PA

Nov. 19-20 Fairfax High School Christmas Show, Fairfax, VA


Nov. 24 Baltimore Christmas Show, Baltimore, MD


Nov. 25-27 Shoppers Fair, Ocean City, MD


Nov 25-27 EMG Virginia Beach Chirstmas Show, Virginia Beach, VA


Nov. 30-Dec. 4 Bizarre Bazaar Christmas ShowRichmond, VA


Dec. 1-24 Philadelphia Christmas Show, Philadelphia, PA

Dec. 5-8 Junior League of South Carolina Christmas Show


Dec 9-11 Sugarloaf Christmas Craft Show, Dulles, VA


For more information contact us at 301-947-4864. Hope to see you there!

Late Summer and Early Fall Birdhouses


There is no bad time to hang a birdhouse

And the best time to hang one up is as soon as you purchase one!

Late summer and into early fall are ideal times to put a birdhouse in your yard. This is before the breeding season and give the birds plenty of time to locate the birdhouse. Some birds may investigate the house, learn where it is and possibly use it as shelter. If you cannot get your birdhouse in place by fall, it should be in place as early in the winter as possible. When the cold winter season sets in your edible birdhouse will provide food and shelter for your feathered friends.

Spring is coming

Buy your edible birdhouse today so that you can hang it for when the birds migrate home! Thank you Jim for sending the photo!

bird in birdhouse

Beautiful pictures and cardinals

dscf1335Holidays are full of so many beautiful colors and scenery.  One of the most beautiful natural for me is seeing a glorious red cardinal sitting on snowy pine branch in my birdhouse garden or pictures of birdhouses covered in snow in my backyard. Northern Cardinals (cardinalis, cardinalsis)  are very interesting to observe. The male sports the bright red plumage while the female remains elusive in her brownish red coloring.   The cardinal is a forager and does not migrate south for the winter.  They will eat among many things insects, seeds and sap.  Their population has increased recently due partially to winter birdfeeders.  They are active songbirds and remain in a location as long as there is viable food and protection.  Edible birdhouses—birdhouses that are made of natural seeds and ingredients safe to birds—are a big hit with Cardinals. They enjoy the seeds and ingredients on the house and thrive in its home.  For more information about cardinals and what they like to eat or edible birdhouses or birdhouse gardening visit ediblebirdhouses.com


Seeing Birds Better in the Winter

As the leaves start to drop and the trees get bare, I get a chance to see all the birds in my garden even better than at other times of the year.   While the garden may not look the same, my bird house garden is as lively and joyful as ever.  I keep  birdhouses in every corner of my property and this is the time of the year that I enjoy birdhouse gardening to its fullest. Wrens, finches, blue jays, and chickadees buzz around my edible birdhouse nibbling and resting in their homes.  I love to watch them dart from tree to branch  and get  extra nourishment from the birdfeeder ornament in my yard.  Nothing makes me feel more joyful than knowing I’m  keeping an entire community of creatures alive and warm in my backyard birdhouse garden.

Birdhouse making for kids

making edible birdhousesBuilding bird feeders for kids  is a great family activity for you to do with your children and perfect as a holiday gift to share. 

You can create great memories with this hands-on activity while giving back to nature. Birdfeeders are easy to make and they allow for great creativity and expression in each child. Whether you purchase a pre-made feeder , customize an existing one or  create your own with some wood and nails, the birds will love their new home. Making an edible birdhouse is a great option in selecting your type of feeder to make.  You can create a simple structure and then add many types of seeds using peanut butter or non-toxic glue to adhere them to the feeder.  With just a little creativity you have a beautiful garden birdhouse capable of feeding birds and keeping them safe. Types of bird seeds to consider for your feeder include:  thistle, sunflowers,  peanuts, peanut butter, and millet. To learn what seeds to select for your feeder, visit edible birdhouses.com. If short on time,  purchase one  already  decorated from ediblebirdhouses.com and place it in your backyard for the start of your  birdhouse garden. Study the birds that visit and what they enjoy eating then reseed it  with your children as an activity.   Focus on the types of seeds your backyard birds will enjoy. Birdhouse gardening and crafting will give you and your children many  hours of fun and enjoyment without a lot of effort. Check back soon for our d0-it-yourself video!

Enjoy Edible Birdhouse Gardening

Dark tall edible birdhouseWho doesn’t love birdhouse gardening

Its not difficult to do!!  At times gardening can be overwhelming and lots of work–  weeding, planting, transplanting, bug management and on it goes. Birdhouse gardening  is little work for a lot of joy! Strategically place a few birdhouses in the garden, make sure some are edible birdhouses so they don’t need to be filled up again and again and then  sit back and watch!  Grab binoculars and field guide book  to identify unique birds and take in all the theatrics. You are now birdhouse gardening. Remember to keep seeds varied for all types of birds which can be purchased at local home and garden stores or online at ediblebirdhouses.com. An added bonus, edible birdhouses look beautiful whether they have seeds on them or not, but keep it seeded all year long for seasonal enjoyment in your birdhouse garden.   

The Birdhouse Gift I received

Whether it’s a black and white chickadee against a snowy backdrop or a stunning cardinal dashing about in the trees,  birds are fascinating to watch and observe.  In the winter months I find I get taken away from the barren and snowy exterior surrounding me to a  world of color and warmth  when I focus on the birds in my bird garden.  I see the activities of all the species of birds in my yard.  Many of my them live in my edible birdhouse that I received as a gift one year.  Not only is it a cool birdhouse but its also super helpful to the birds. Every bird seems to enjoy eating from them regardless of the types of seeds on them.   If you ever need a lift in the winter…don’t smell a rose—get yourself an edible birdhouse and watch the birds in your backyard. You will be transformed like I am.

The Feeling of Watching a Bird House

Nothing seems as peaceful and tranquil as looking out your  window and seeing a beautiful bird  in your garden eating and staying warm in a beautiful birdhouse. Not only is the simplicity of the bird and its lifestyle relaxing but observing its movement in and out of a beautifully decorated house gives you a warm feeling like a hot cup of coffee on a cold day.

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