The Birdhouse Gift I received

Whether it’s a black and white chickadee against a snowy backdrop or a stunning cardinal dashing about in the trees,  birds are fascinating to watch and observe.  In the winter months I find I get taken away from the barren and snowy exterior surrounding me to a  world of color and warmth  when I focus on the birds in my bird garden.  I see the activities of all the species of birds in my yard.  Many of my them live in my edible birdhouse that I received as a gift one year.  Not only is it a cool birdhouse but its also super helpful to the birds. Every bird seems to enjoy eating from them regardless of the types of seeds on them.   If you ever need a lift in the winter…don’t smell a rose—get yourself an edible birdhouse and watch the birds in your backyard. You will be transformed like I am.

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