How to reseed your bird feeder birdhouse

reseeding an edible birdhouseLooking for a project to do on a rainy day, reseeding your birdhouse can be a fun family project for parents and children to do together.

What you will need:

  1. Hidden Creek Bird Seed or other bird seed.
  2. Hidden Creek  edible glue or Elmer’s non-toxic glue or creamy or chunky peanut butter
  3. A 2” paint brush if you use Elmer’s glue (paint brush comes with Eco edible glue), table knife, if you use peanut butter.
  4. Shallow 9’ x 12’ cookie tray or shallow glass tray
  5. Newspaper

BEFORE YOU START:  Soak your house in water for an hour to loosen any remaining seed on your house.  Wipe dry and let house dry over night before starting to reseed.

TO START:  Decide if you will use peanut butter, either creamy or chunky (creamy works better), Hidden Creek non-toxic glue, or another non- toxic glue like Elmer’s glue.

START:  By spreading out 2 or 3 pages of the newspaper on a clean flat surface.  Put shallow cookie tray (or other shallow tray) in middle of newspapers.  Partially fill the cookie tray with the Hidden Creek  Bird Seed or the bird seed, you selected to use on the roof of your birdhouse.

USING PEANUT BUTTER:  With a table knife, spread the peanut butter on the roof of the house approximately 1/8” thick.  Now press the roof (one side at a time) into the seed pressing hard to firmly attach the seed.  Do the same with the other side of the house.  If needed you can press the roof into the seed again to cover any missed spots.   Remove all seed from cookie try.

Decide which side of the house you want to start with and cover it with 1/8” of peanut butter.  (Remember you can use the same type seed on the sides or a different type of seed).  Once covered, place the house in the center of the cookie tray and sprinkle Hidden Creek Bird Seed or your seed into the peanut butter and lightly press it into the peanut butter with your hand.  Coat the other sides of you house the same way.  Your house is not ready to go back outside.

USING HIDDEN CREEK GLUE:  Using the brush attached to the top of the can, paint one side of the roof of your birdhouse.  Following the steps above, press roof firmly into the seed till coated.  Now paint the other side of roof and firmly press into the seed.  If needed, you can press one or both sides of the roof back into seed to cover missed spots.  Remove all seed from cookie try.

Decide which side of house you care to start with and paint the side with Hidden Creek  non-toxic Edible Glue.  Once covered, place house in center of tray and sprinkle seed on the glue.   Gently press seed with your hand or flat object to firmly attach seed to house.  Proceed with sides till house is covered in seed.  Remember you can use different seed on the roof and side or sides of your house.  Let glue dry overnight and put your house back outside.

USING ELMER’S GLUE:  Using a 2” paint brush (You can purchase a 2” brush at a craft store or hardware store).  Follow above directions using Hidden Creek  non –toxic Glue.

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