Birdhouse making for kids

making edible birdhousesBuilding bird feeders for kids  is a great family activity for you to do with your children and perfect as a holiday gift to share. 

You can create great memories with this hands-on activity while giving back to nature. Birdfeeders are easy to make and they allow for great creativity and expression in each child. Whether you purchase a pre-made feeder , customize an existing one or  create your own with some wood and nails, the birds will love their new home. Making an edible birdhouse is a great option in selecting your type of feeder to make.  You can create a simple structure and then add many types of seeds using peanut butter or non-toxic glue to adhere them to the feeder.  With just a little creativity you have a beautiful garden birdhouse capable of feeding birds and keeping them safe. Types of bird seeds to consider for your feeder include:  thistle, sunflowers,  peanuts, peanut butter, and millet. To learn what seeds to select for your feeder, visit edible birdhouses.com. If short on time,  purchase one  already  decorated from ediblebirdhouses.com and place it in your backyard for the start of your  birdhouse garden. Study the birds that visit and what they enjoy eating then reseed it  with your children as an activity.   Focus on the types of seeds your backyard birds will enjoy. Birdhouse gardening and crafting will give you and your children many  hours of fun and enjoyment without a lot of effort. Check back soon for our d0-it-yourself video!

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