Beautiful pictures and cardinals

dscf1335Holidays are full of so many beautiful colors and scenery.  One of the most beautiful natural for me is seeing a glorious red cardinal sitting on snowy pine branch in my birdhouse garden or pictures of birdhouses covered in snow in my backyard. Northern Cardinals (cardinalis, cardinalsis)  are very interesting to observe. The male sports the bright red plumage while the female remains elusive in her brownish red coloring.   The cardinal is a forager and does not migrate south for the winter.  They will eat among many things insects, seeds and sap.  Their population has increased recently due partially to winter birdfeeders.  They are active songbirds and remain in a location as long as there is viable food and protection.  Edible birdhouses—birdhouses that are made of natural seeds and ingredients safe to birds—are a big hit with Cardinals. They enjoy the seeds and ingredients on the house and thrive in its home.  For more information about cardinals and what they like to eat or edible birdhouses or birdhouse gardening visit ediblebirdhouses.com


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